Millet Ambali

Millet ambali or millet ganji is a healthy meal for all seasons. It is heathy, nutritious and filling, ideal for weight loss, thyroid and PCOS patients.Millet Ambali (Fermented Gruel, Fermented Daliya, Fermented Porridge, Khameer Daliya) Millet Ambali (fermented daliya) is the best probiotic food we can have. Anyone with chronic problems can take millet ambali ans that will help recover faster.


Method :

1) wash 1 cup of millet and grind coarsely like rava in a mixture and soak with 4 cupsof water for six hours


2)wash 1 cup of millet and soakwith 4 cup of water for six hours

soak millets with previous night to cook the following morning and soak in the morning to cook in evening


1.Cook the pre soak millet on a low flame in Pan/ Pot.Go on adding the remaining six cup of water

(Hot or lukewarm)gradually to the daliya as and whenin it gets exhausted

2.after the daliya is cook,cover it with clean cotton/khadi cloth

3.Gruel prepare in the morning should be consumed at night and that wchich is prepare at night should be consumed the following morning

4.It can be consumed directly or with sambar,dal,curries,rasam,etc.however hot sambar or rasamshould not be added to ambali as the beneficial micro organisms will die.