About Alankar Foods

Alankar Foods is a one-stop shop for all your organic needs. We offer local delivery as well as supply online through our website and Amazon. Mr. Mukesh Shah, the owner, is a huge fan of Dr Khadar Vali and follows him very sincerely and keeps all products recommended by the doctor.

The journey of Alankar Foods began in 2020 when Mr. Mukesh Shah suddenly fell very ill upon diagnosis Hepatitis C was detected with severe liver damage already done. Upon falling ill Mr. Shah immediately changed his diet and started following Dr. Khadar Vali very seriously. By following only the millet diet and with the help of medicines his liver recovered within a month completely and within 3 months he was cured from Hepatitis C the Dr. treating him was so surprised that a 64 year old man recovering so fast from such a dangerous disease was like a miracle and upon inquiry the docter himself shifted to eating millets. 

After experiencing first hand what the millets were able to do Mr. Shah decided to spread the knowledge and make people eat the food that was meant for our body and to help people improve their health.

We are Very Very grateful to Dr. Khadar Vali sir for dedicating 20 years of his life to bring back these beautiful grains which were lost with time. Our mission is to help people eat right and help spread the good Doctors message about the importance of Millets.