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Millet Pasta (Macroni)-No Added Maida 180 gms each


Control Blood Sugar

Millet Pasta or millet is fully digestible by our body, but also low in calories . This helps to feel full for a long time, thus preventing fat accumulation. It not only is good for diabetics but is also beneficial for weight loss. High blood sugar levels are one of the principal danger factors of type 2 diabetes. Millet pasta are therefore good to prevent this disease and also manage it effectively.

Improve Digestive Health

Millet is one of the healthiest grains and also inexpensive and easy to cook.   It is believed that millet can help improve digestion and help with constipation. The human body can fully absorb millet nutrients for a healthy body and tons of benefits. Millet is filled with lots of fiber, so if you have a sensitive stomach, it will help relieve some problems from sensitivity.