What are the 5 Siridhanyaalu (Millets) Prescribed by Dr Khadar Vali, and their Benefits.

Foxtail millets (Korralu), Browntop Millets (Andu korralu), Little millets (Samalu), Kodo millets (Arikalu) and Barnyard millets (Oodalu) are the 5 Siridhanyaalu (Millets) as prescribed by Dr Khadar Vali which are part of his healthy diet plan. 


Foxtail millets (Korralu): 

Rich in dietary fibre. Rich in iron and copper. Reduces bad cholesterol. Strengthens immune system. 

Browntop Millets (Andu korralu): 

Alkaline in nature. Easy to digest. Hydrates the body. Acts as prebiotic feeding microflora. Magnesium reduces the effect of heart attacks. Prevents cardio-vascular disease. Gluten free and non-allergenic. High in protein content. 

Little Millets (Samalu): 

Rich source of B-vitamins, minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, and potassium. Helps in weight loss. Ideal part of Pongal or even Kheer 

Kodo Millets (Arikalu): 

Easy to digest. Rich in phyto-chemicals and antioxidants. Prevents occurrence of lifestyle diseases. Reduces knee and joint pains. Helps regularize menstruation in women. 

Barnyard Millets (Oodalu): 

Ideal for weight loss. Rich fibre helps maintain satiety. Rich source of calcium and phosphorus. Good antioxidant profile.