Millet Vermicelli Upma

Embrace the goodness of millets packed with super nutrition and get ready with your healthy, quick and easy breakfast or your favorite delicacy at any time.Millet Vermicelli can be used to prepare delicious kheer, noodles, Etc. You can add vegetables and seasonings as per your choice. For preparing as a sweet, you can add jaggery.

About this item
1.No maida, no white rice. Zero trans fat, saturated fat and cholesterol
2.Easy to cook – cook the vermicelli for 6-8 minutes and it’s ready to be made into your favourite recipes
3.Enjoy the goodness of millet vermicelli in – kheer, payasam, vermicelli (semiya) etc.,
4. Millet is a rich source of Phosphorus and helps in healthy muscle growth
5.No preservatives, artificial flavours and colours



Cooking Instructions
Preparation Time: 5 mins
Cooking Time: 10 mins


 1 cup Thinai semiya 

1 qt Heaped Onion 

2 qts Green chilli 

½ cup Carrot, Beans, Peas (chopped) 

1 tsp Ginger (finely chopped) Salt – As needed

To Temper

 2 tsp Oil

 ¾ tsp Mustard

 2 tsp Urad dal

 1 tbsp Chana dal 

Curry leaves – 1 spring


1.Keep the Little millet vermicelli ,immersed in enough water for 1 min. Drain water completely in a metal strainer.

2.Steam cook in an idli pot for 5 minutes. Once done, invert in a plate and fluff. Keep covered. Heat a pan with oil and temper with the items given under the ‘To temper’ table.

3.Add ginger, onion, green chilli and fry till transparent. Add the finely chopped vegetables. Add little salt needed for veggies and cook covered in low flame for 2-3 mins until the veggies are done.

4.Add required salt, the cooked sevai, and mix well for a minute. You can sprinkle with little coconut oil if you want.


5.Do not soak more than 1 minute, otherwise it will become mushy.

6Also do not over cook while steaming.

7.In step 4, after adding salt, give a quick stir and then the cooked sevai if you feel mixing of salt may be difficult.

8.You can make it simply without veggies too, but make it healthy by adding veggies.