A2 Desi Cow Ghee-1/2 Liter

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Made using 100% Desi Cow Milk from Gir cows known to be one of the best & purest in the

Chilly Lemon Pickle

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Copper Strip for water purification

Storing water in copper containers seems to have antibacterial properties capable of killing harmful bacteria.Thus, a copper water purifier helps in keeping your family healthier and happier. However, the water must be stored for several hours — possibly even days — for it to work. The advantage of having copper strips is they immediately start charging the water and they can be easily and regularly cleaned. The best way to charge up the copper strip again is to clean it up every day with Lime/Imli asthey our sour and essential for the metal to get charged up.

Gir Cow Ghee-1 Liter

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Made using 100% Desi Cow Milk from Gir cows known to be one of the best & purest in the

Herbal Jaggery-1kg

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Special product of Alankar Foods Herbal Jaggery contains 12 Herbal Products Such As; 1.Cardomom 2.Tulsi 3.Amla 4.Pepper 5.Ginger 6.Aloe Vera

Mango Pickle

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Millet Cookies(with palm jaggery)-150 gms each

The cookies are made up of millets and pure organic palm jaggery. No white sugar or any other adultrated substance

Millet Flours-930Gms Each

Millet Flour made from Unpolished Millets, Gluten Free, No GMO, Raw vegan Grains and Nutrient Powerhouse. NATURALLY GROWN : The absence of synthetic pesticides and harmful chemicals in organic products make them an ideal choice of healthy living. HEALTH BENEFITS : This organically grown and made millet Flour, known by different names in different regions of India is packed full of nutritional benefits. It is rich fibre content to support weight loss. NUTRITIOUS : It also contains antioxidants along with iron and controls diabetes and cholesterol. NUTRITIONAL CONTENTS : It is a good source of highly digestible protein and is the least caloric dense compared to other cereals.

Millet Khakra – 250gms each

Diffrent varieties available like Jeera, Masala, Etc. available on order basis through wats app

Millet Noodles-No Added Maida -180 Gms each

These specially created noodles is made of natural little millet packed with essential nutrients, without any preservatives and chemicals. Just boil them, toss them up in some extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil, add vibrant seasonal vegetables with a super nutritious touch of fresh microgreens and your bowl of noodles is ready to be served. Perfect for breakfast, evening snack or even dinner meals with a wholesome bowl of coconut thai green curry or a soup

Millet Pasta (Macroni)-No Added Maida 180 gms each


Control Blood Sugar

Millet Pasta or millet is fully digestible by our body, but also low in calories . This helps to feel full for a long time, thus preventing fat accumulation. It not only is good for diabetics but is also beneficial for weight loss. High blood sugar levels are one of the principal danger factors of type 2 diabetes. Millet pasta are therefore good to prevent this disease and also manage it effectively.

Improve Digestive Health

Millet is one of the healthiest grains and also inexpensive and easy to cook.   It is believed that millet can help improve digestion and help with constipation. The human body can fully absorb millet nutrients for a healthy body and tons of benefits. Millet is filled with lots of fiber, so if you have a sensitive stomach, it will help relieve some problems from sensitivity.  

Millet vermicelli/Semiya-No Maida, No White Rice – 180gm each

Embrace the goodness of millets packed with super nutrition and get ready with your healthy, quick and easy breakfast or your favorite delicacy at any time.Kodo Millet Vermicelli can be used to prepare delicious kheer, noodles, Etc. You can add vegetables and seasonings as per your choice. For preparing as a sweet, you can add jaggery. About this item 1.No maida, no white rice. Zero trans fat, saturated fat and cholesterol 2.Easy to cook - cook the vermicelli for 6-8 minutes and it's ready to be made into your favourite recipes 3.Enjoy the goodness of Kodo millet vermicelli in your favourite recipes - kheer, payasam, vermicelli (semiya) etc., 4.Kodo Millet is a rich source of Phosphorus and helps in healthy muscle growth 5.No preservatives, artificial flavours and colours

MultiMillet Museli – 50 gm air tight packs

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Extremely delicious and healthy can be used as breakfast or just as light snacks in the afternoon.

MultiMillet Museli Strawberry flavour- 50 gm air tight packs

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Extremely delicious and healthy can be used as breakfast or just as light snacks in the afternoon. Contains strawberry flavoured

Natural Unpolished Grains Shridhanya Barnyard Millets by Alankar Foods

1.Barnyard millet grain is a good source of protein, carbohydrate, fiber, and, most notably, contains more micronutrients (iron and zinc) than other major cereals. Despite its nutritional and agronomic benefits, barnyard millet has remained an underutilized crop. 2.The barnyard millet is a wholesome grain over and above common cereal grains like rice, wheat, semolina (rawa) 3.It is an excellent source of dietary fiber with a good amount of both soluble and insoluble fractions.

Natural Unpolished Grains Shridhanya Browntop Millets by Alankar foods

Browntop millet eases constipation and helps in detoxifying the body. It helps to control high blood pressure and acts as a probiotic for respiratory disorders. It is also recommended for skin and arthritis problems. Highly recommended in cases of gastric ulcers and colon cancer.

Regulates Diabetes:

Brown top millet is a great substitute for rice as it keeps you satiated and delays the gastric emptying time, thereby serving as a perfect grain for all diabetic patients. Being low in glycaemic index and carbs brown top millet prevents unwanted hunger pangs and avoid a sudden spike in sugar levels. Add this tiny grain to the daily diet to stabilize blood sugars, control HbA1C and promote insulin sensitivity

Natural Unpolished Grains Shridhanya Foxtail Millets by Alankar Foods

Foxtail Millet is rich in Vitamin B12 which is essential for maintaining a healthy heart, smooth functioning of the nervous system, and in general good for skin and hair growth. A diet including Foxtail Millet may improve glycemic control and reduce insulin, cholesterol and fasting glucose in Type-2 diabetes patients.